A place where every political voice can be heard.

Politoblog is an open forum to discuss politics.
Politoblog strives to be a place where people, of all political spectrums, can voice their opinions.
Here at Politoblog, we encourage everybody from every corner of the political world to come, and voice their opinions in a friendly, and respectable manner.

We will push the best written blogs, daily, to the top of the site to easily be viewed. We will not push any particular political platform or agenda over another; Politoblog will remain neutral and just encourage everybody to feel they can get their voice out to the world. Remember, if you truly believe in free speech then everybody's opinion matters and needs to be heard.
The best blogs will be chosen daily based upon:
  • How well you voice your opinion.
  • How open you are to discussion in a friendly manner. No open insults, or hate pieces of any kind please.
  • Writing style, and grammar.
  • Opinions that stand out.
  • Outside voices that often get drowned out in politics. 
  • Try to be as factual as possible; but these are opinion pieces so don't feel censored (Again, no hate pieces, racism, or anything of the sort will be tolerated)